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Tansman, Alexandre (1897–1986)

Ale­xan­dre Tans­man en Wikipedia

Obras destacadas

Con­cer­tino for gui­tar and orches­tra (1945)
Cava­ti­ne, for gui­tar (1951)
Con­cer­tino for oboe, cla­ri­net and string orches­tra (1952)
Con­cer­to for Orches­tra (1954)
Hom­ma­ge à Manuel de Falla for gui­tar and cham­ber orches­tra (1954)
Musi­que de cour for gui­tar and cham­ber orches­tra (1960)
Sui­te in modo polo­ni­co, for gui­tar (1962)
Hom­ma­ge à Cho­pin, for gui­tar (1966)
Hom­ma­ge à Lech Wale­sa, for gui­tar (1982)
Varia­cio­nes sobre un tema de Scria­bin (1972), para guitarra