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Suite en Mi mayor, BWV 1006a

Arreglo de la Partita No. 3 para violín solo, BWV 1006

Pla­ce and date: Cöthen, 1720.

Chief sour­ce: Tok­yo, Musashino Music Aca­demy, Lit­ters rara vol. 2‑14 (auto­graph). Edi­tions: BG 42, NBA V/10.

Move­ments: Pre­lu­de – Lou­re –Sara­ban­de – Gavot­te I‑II – Gigue

By the time Bach copied out the auto­graph of BWV 1006a he had already arran­ged the first move­ment as an organ solo with orches­tral accom­pa­ni­ment in Can­ta­ta No. 29, per­for­med in 1731. The com­bi­na­tion of two‑fisted bat­te­ries with sim­ple pedal wri­ting is remi­nis­cent of the end of the early Prae­lu­dium BWV 921; perhaps one of Bach’s lute‑harpsichords had «pull‑down» pedals like the ones appa­rently built by Johann Nico­laus Bach of Jena.

The lou­re is of par­ti­cu­lar inter­est as a more strictly fugal exam­ple than the one in the Fifth French Sui­te, although each half employs a dif­fe­rent subject.