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Fugue en Sol menor, BWV 1000

Arreglo de la Sonata No. 1 en Sol menor para violín solo, BWV 1001

Pla­ce and date: ?Leip­zig, c1725; arran­ge­ment of the fugue from the Vio­lin Sona­ta BWV 1001.

Chief sour­ce: LEm 111. 11.4 (Wey­rauch; tabla­tu­re). Edi­tion: NBA V/10.


Bach made two trans­crip­tions of the fugue from the first vio­lin sona­ta, the pre­sent one for lute as well as an organ ver­sion in D minor (BWV 539/2). Each trans­crip­tion expands the pie­ce by a total of two bars, although the addi­tions and alte­ra­tions do not occur in the same pla­ces. The organ ver­sion is in five voi­ces, with an inde­pen­dent pedal part, but the sim­pli­city of the added voi­ces sug­gests that this ver­sion is rela­ti­vely early‑earlier. Pre­su­mably, then, the pre­sent arran­ge­ment is later than the one for organ. The har­mony is fuller than in the fugue of BWV 995. Two late copies of the organ ver­sion inclu­de a manua­li­ter pre­lu­de, BWV 539/1, but it is in the wrong key for use with the pre­sent arran­ge­ment of the fugue.