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Digital Facsimiles

El con­te­ni­do de esta pági­na ya no está dis­po­ni­ble ofi­cial­men­te, por eso lo copié de Way­back Machi­ne para preservarla.

Works in Tablature for Lute, Theorbo or Vihuela in Renaissance Tuning

Works in Tablature for Lute in Transitional Tunings

Works in Tablature for Lute in Baroque (d‑minor) Tuning

Works for Lute and Related Instruments, Not in Lute Tablature Notation

Works with Basso Continuo Parts Suitable for Lute, Chitarrone, Theorbo or Guitar

Works for CitternRenaissance or Baroque GuitarMandolino or Other Plucked Strings

Didactic Literature

Note:  Subs­cripts on dates deno­te the corres­pon­ding entries in Ins­tru­men­tal Music Prin­ted Befo­re 1600 – A Biblio­graphy, by Howard Mayer Brown, Cam­brid­ge MA, Har­vard Uni­ver­sity Press, 1965; reprint:  Lin­coln NE,, Inc., 2000, q.v. for concordances.